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Welcome to Saratoga Pool Service™

Saratoga Pool Service™ is customized for servicing the fine homes and estates of Saratoga and its surrounding areas. We specialize in servicing customers that have been previously unhappy with the results of our competitors.


Saratoga Pool Service™, service standards, are truly created with the clients' best interest in mind, ensuring flawless water quality that will surpass every desire. The advocacy for our clients is evident by the passion we display for our craft and attention to the minutest detail. Because we excel in servicing customers who have been unhappy with our competitors, our service fees are higher compared to other pool services.

Saratoga Pool Service™' clients are truly blessed with clear-sparkly water which brings value to the life of the swimming pool and to its bathers. Our unique approach to water chemistry assures the highest quality of chemical, while maintaining subtle simplicity to the feel of the water.


Our services are only available to those who desire the best in a pool service company. Our passion for a pool is directly related to the value that a client places on it, in conjunction with the importance of doing things the right way. Our goal is to ensure that our clients pools experience personal and constant weekly supervision which is executed to perfection. And in the end, we reward our clients with a look to the pool water, that exceeds their wildest expectations.

Weekly Full Service: $200.00/month
Weekly Chemical Service: $100/month Equipment
Upgrade and Repair: Only offered to existing clients.

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